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For many, it may be a little odd to view a cannabis dispensary as a home, or as a family. Our mission is to change that view and create a welcoming atmosphere where you feel right at home. At Cannabis Hut, we strive to grow the cannabis community, the industry, and to encourage people to come together. To spread knowledge and understanding of cannabis, and related products for both medical and recreational purposes. Our cannabis dispensary is recognized for a wide selection of products, including but is not limited to: dried flower, cannabis, and hash infused pre-rolls, cannabis edibles (i.e., chocolates, soft chews, infused lozenges, CBD tea products, and much more), Cannabis vaporizers, hashish, live terpenes, resin, oils, ointments, concentrates, and a wide variety of topicals and CBD products. At Cannabis Hut, we aim to work alongside learned, informative and experienced budtenders; who will be able to help you with your daily cannabis needs. 

The root of Cannabis Hut begins with our care and knowledge of the plant.

 Our teams’ love for cannabis started before cannabis legalization. Over a decade ago, members of our team were allotted MMAR licenses from Health Canada, as the plant was used for medical purposes. The MMAR licenses allowed our team to produce cannabis for self-use, which helped increase our level of understanding about the plant and how it can be used.

 CannabisHut was selected for the legal dispensary lottery back in 2018 but did not open its first legal dispensary until August 9th, 2021.

We are now celebrating in opening our second store earlier this year in July, with the hopes of opening another shortly. 

Our mission and objective are to deliver the best cannabis products at the best prices, whilst sharing our knowledge and understanding of cannabis.  

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